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How to Find a Photo for Your Chix Beach Pallet

Need help picking a photo to use?  Look no further!  This post covers all the particulars of selecting a photo you'll love that works. Below you'll find topics on Popular Photo Choices, Photo Resolution, and Pallet Sizes. Lets get started!

Choosing the right photo.

It has to be meaningful, otherwise why spend so much to hang it on your wall? We understand it can be a difficult choice, that's why we offer options like Photo Pallet Gift Cards that allow you to pay now and take as long as you need to choose the right picture.

Our most popular submissions are family portraits, child and baby photos, weddings, romance, and even photos of pets. Take a cool trip recently?  Maybe you have a great photo from your last vacation. Part of what makes a Chix Beach Photo Pallet so special is that it preserves your memories for years to come, so think back to the times that stand out in your mind, and then check if you have any photos of that memory.

Photo Resolution

Before you get too set on any image, first check the photo’s resolution. Photos from your smart phone usually work on any size pallet as long as it is the original file of the image. Generally speaking, if your photo is between 1 to 5 Megabytes (MB), you'll have no issues (provided the image is in focus, well lit, and not blurry, of course).

Images downloaded from Facebook or Instagram are usually less than 1MB and work best on pallets sized 12x16 or smaller.

There's no need to fret too much about this. If there’s a problem with the image you send us, we will personally contact you and either offer to help you retrieve the original file or help select a different photo or pallet size.

You deserve to be happy about treating yourself to a beautiful piece of art! If for any reason you're unhappy we will issue you a full refund. No questions asked! See our Money Back Guarantee & Return Policy.

Pallet Sizes

Think about specifically where you would like to display your custom Photo Pallet. We suggest indoor locations. Measuring mounting spaces and open walls can help give you an idea of what size pallet you need too.

That's all there is to it! Each pallet is handmade and digitally retouched to bring out the best look for your photo, making your piece truly one of a kind.

Questions or Comments?

When you place your order, you’ll see an optional comment box where you can leave specific instructions or custom requests. Reach out to us here:

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