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Don't Worry: Your Photos Are "Good Enough", But there is a problem...

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We talk to people every day who worry their photos aren't "good enough". To that we can only politely reply, "Trust us, that's silly talk. Think about it..."

It's true a professional photographer hired for something like a family portrait will crank out some gorgeous photos. That's why if we let ourselves get too critical, waiting around for the "perfect image" would take years (unless you're Beyoncé). Here at Chix Beach Originals we're not printing cookie cutter, factory made canvases like everyone else. We're making art, and art should imitate life. REAL LIFE.

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THE PROBLEM is that we forget our photos are of the people and things we love.

They're already perfect.

Perfect isn't about lighting, or being able to get 7 grandkids to smile at the same time. The perfect photo is any memory you don't want to forget. The perfect photo is sitting on your phone or camera right now.

We can also touch up the image of your Photo Pallet and we carefully evaluate the resolution to make absolutely sure you'll love your custom piece of art. If there are any problems, we'll reach out to help right away.

Here's how to find your perfect photo in under 2 minutes.

First, scroll down and select a Photo Pallet image that speaks to you. They're all priced the same, it's simply to help you guide your inner artist.


Next, decide just how badly you want to show off your memory by selecting the perfect size pallet. Trust your instincts and perhaps your available wall space.

Now, comes the easiest part. Upload ANY photo that reminds you what life is truly about. Family, pets, great memories, anything that brings you joy is already perfect.

Lastly, tap the add to cart button. There's also a section to leave me a note before checkout. Type any thought or request for your pallet you may have, or simply leave the space blank.

Just like that, you turned your moment into custom art. It's your moment, and because of that fact it's all the perfect you'll ever need.

So, how about we start crafting your perfect Photo Pallet today?