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Have Artist Jared Buckland Put Your Photo On a Reclaimed Wooden Pallet

Your favorite image sealed onto recycled wooden planks. This is how you think outside the frame.

There's something drastically wrong with the wall art status quo.

You want something unique to display in your home. People take the photos they love, they enlarge them, print them, and frame it on their wall. It's a relentless pursuit to preserve and showcase your memories by adding them to the walls of your home.

Frames are outdated. Do you really want the same thing everyone else is hanging on their walls?

But something happens every time they hang that newly framed photo or canvas on their wall: they take a step back, look at it, and see that it's... just okay.

Canvas doesn't bring out the best of an image the same way a Photo Pallet does.

And many people settle for it being just okay.

You should love your walls, not be okay with them, right?

We do things outside the frame here. Wood doesn't frame your image, it's the canvas. Imagine a high-resolution print of your image that we seal onto wooden planks from recycled shipping pallets.

Who says art you love can't be eco-friendly too? We use recycled wood!

It's not just another photo on a wall, it stands out as special. Breaks in the wood highlight the elements of your image. Pallet depth adds dimension, as if it's floating on the wall. Special sealants make sure your image won't peel or fade away.

He took this using his iPhone camera

People notice the difference. You will too. Break free of the monotony and cookie-cutter photo displays of the past. Commission your very own art by ordering "The Original" Chix Beach Photo Pallet Today! 

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