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Reactions Like These Are Why I Love My Job

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It hasn't always been Photo Pallets.

Years before Chix Beach Originals came to be, I worked at a private school teaching children with autism. It was challenging and difficult at times, but ultimately rewarding. Improving the lives of the students I worked with made me feel like I was contributing to something greater.

I was a positive thread in the fabric of life, helping to make the world a better place through my work.  That was, until budget cuts came and I learned I would be losing my job as a result.

My positive thread, it seemed, was coming to an end. I wasn't sure what I would do until I started seeing reactions to the Photo Pallet artwork I had started making for people. 

And that's when I found another way to make the world a happier place.  Through art that people love. 

From Mother's day gifts to Pallets that honor the memory of a loved one, the expressions of joy, the tears of happiness, and the smiles that follow all make this job worthwhile. Knowing the happiness it brings people makes me want to continue doing the best job i possibly can in giving people handmade art of their memories. 

I don't just build pieces of wood with pictures glued to the front. These pallets are hand crafted with compassion, and each of these pallets I make is special to me because of the people whose lives I know it will touch. 

If I've crafted a pallet for you in the past, It's been an honor to do so.  To those of you who are maybe on the fence about purchasing one, I can tell you that every one of those people above, plus the thousands of others out there are real people, and their pallet isn't just art, but it's crafted emotion and memory that stands the test of time. 

That's something most art print companies can't say. 

Ready to make a lasting work of art you'll treasure for years?