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The Birth of Chix Beach Pallet Co.

You could say my story for how Chix Beach Originals came to be is anything but typical. It all started years ago when my girlfriend and I worked at a private school teaching children with autism. We loved what we did, and the difference we made in the lives of those kids made it all the more devastating when we learned that due to budget cuts we both would be losing our jobs. I don’t know what was more difficult, losing both our incomes, or having to say goodbye to those amazing kids we had come to know and love. 

It’s sometimes like the weather here at Chix Beach, Virginia. The wind blows you in some unplanned direction, rain will wash out the best laid plans and despite your protests you have no choice but to follow. The weather pays no attention to criticism, after all. I think it’s a lesson we can all learn from, so I began looking for what was next.

                                             One of my first photo pallets.

I later learned from a friend how thousands of shipping pallets every day are discarded after being only used once. It’s cheaper to throw them away than recycle them. That’s millions of trees wasted every year, and that sort of thing didn’t sit well with me.

In a sense, I could relate to those pallets. We had both been discarded in our prime despite having the potential for so much more. So I took a pallet home, intending to recycle it into...something. I just didn’t know what yet. I looked at that pallet for weeks and it sat, looking back at me.

And that’s when it hit me. Pallets aren’t meant to be forgotten, so why not use them to remember? The idea for Photo Pallets had been born!

I started by making photo pallets for friends as gifts and I even sold a few, but what I never expected was the incredible reactions people would have. Surprise gifts of favorite memories forgotten, images of lost loved ones and pet photos. Some brought people to tears. The love captured in the photos people chose really moved me and makes this business all the more worth it.

And that’s how we got to where we are today! To all of you who have told others about us, or shared our work on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest (@chixbeachpallets), thank you! Your kind words of support have given me, my wife Ashley, and our two pups Ruckus & Hurley the chance to help people again by preserving their most cherished memories!

Remember, life is only bound by the frames we put around ourselves. So why not use a pallet instead?

Your Ole’ Buddy,

Jared Buckland