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My Photo Pallet is More Than Just Art

“I absolutely love my pallet photo of my beloved dog Missy. I have a beautiful, personal and heartwarming piece of art that I appreciate every day. This Christmas gift from my son brought tears to my eyes when it was given to me because it would be hard for him to have found a more thoughtful gift. This dog has a very big space in my heart and now I can see and remember her at her best, in her favorite spot in our yard just by walking into the living room. It gives me joy and peace and fond memories every day.

This gift always brings compliments from guests and unless they are friends who have known me for many years they are surprised to learn that it is not just a lovely but unknown commercial subject but was a cherished pet and favorite photo that has become such a beautiful piece of art in our home. Although I have pieces of art from all over the world and many costing much more I have very few that give me more joy.”

Denise Saunders